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  • ValQuick im Einsatz

    The BaSt-Ing team modern and unconventional

    Passionate. Visionary. Innovative.


We are passionate about innovation in all its forms. We would like to help you as a customer to work economically and safely and to grow together with you as a company. In order to ensure this, we question established working methods and try to develop them further. We are constantly trying to learn and improve both with our products and with our processes.


Foresters and forest owners live from an intact environment and it is in their DNA to preserve it for their successors. As a manufacturer, we also have this DNA in us and make our contribution to it. Wherever possible, production takes place regionally with short distances. In addition, we produce high-quality, durable products that will still function reliably for many years to come. We can guarantee low production costs and therefore economical prices for you through clever constructions and modern production methods.


In order to consistently position ourselves in the market, we try to constantly grow - in experience, market share, products, innovations, skills, motivation and thousands of other ways. We want to grow in business as well as in the team, for this we are looking for new ways and take calculated risks in order to further expand our pioneering role.

Fun of joy

We love having fun at work and making a little difference in the world. You too?

We take what we do seriously - but not ourselves- And even in difficult times we always remember: Tomorrow the sun will rise again.

  • Thats what our customers say:

    We fell many strong spruces all year round using a motor-manual engine, and we have been using spindle wedges for this for a long time, as they make the work much easier. Unfortunately, experience with competitor products in terms of longevity was not satisfactory. We then bought a ValFast, a large Milwaukee impact wrench was already available. Since then we have only worked with the ValFast and impact wrench, without an ax or a hammer. With 2 large batteries, we can normally get through the day without having to recharge. For safety, a ratchet is always in the vehicle. I particularly like the robustness and the energy-saving and at the same time fast work. We don't want to drive wedges in with the ax anymore...

    Marcus P.

    (Rheinlandpfalz / Altenkirchen)

  • Thats what our customers say:

    "We process several hundred stars of firewood per year. Up to now, splitting the logs has always taken a lot of time. Up to now there has not been an economical solution, especially for thick logs with a diameter of 50 cm or more. Since we have the SpaltFast, this has changed completely. Splitting in particular of the stronger trunks is quick and even fun. In addition, we are now not insignificantly on the road across the company."

    Hubert K.


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